Reflecting shared values.

There is much information out there about planning your wedding and reception. The hardest part is the deciding.

One way of narrowing your options is to think about those things that best reflect the two of you and your families. What makes you happy and comfortable? What do you value?

You might focus on the place you’ve chosen for the wedding, where the two of you met, your family’s ethnicity, your dreams, your passions. When you bring the personal, to this public recognition of your commitment to each other, it makes for a truly memorable day.

You might wonder how one goes about bringing ideas into a concrete plan. I say bit by bit…decision by decision. Here are a couple of examples.

For one couple only black-tie will do. Engraved invitations set the tone. The setting could be their own, very lovely, family home or at least, a place that seems like one.  There will definitely be cocktails and a sit-down dinner. Arrangements of white roses and stephanotis, a big band engaged for dancing, and a classic and elegant cake would all mark this more formal occasion.

For another couple, getting married on a cliff overlooking the ocean would be their choice. After the ceremony, everyone would walk across the way to the house they have been renting in Davenport for a picnic reception. The menu would feature local, organic produce. There could be bright bouquets of summer flowers arranged in Mason jars and a wedding cake that’s a vision of pale pink marzipan and white chocolate shells. The music would be romantic with local musicians playing Italian waltzes and tarantellas.

These are two very different events, but each has its own integrity, when it reflects the couples marrying.

I have a picture sent to us by the photographer. Of course, I like it because our cake is center stage. I admit it. The other reason is this. It shows a reception in the making moments before the guests arrive. The tables are set, the lights strung, the colors are vibrant. It’s just beautiful and you know it’s going to be a wonderful party.

We love working with couples and hearing their stories. Even more, we love collaborating to create a design that will be the crowning jewel of the reception. After all, the cake is edible art. The first thing you see, the last taste of the day, a wonderful finale to a joyous occasion.


    The Tropics  Start with tropical colors, lime green, bright pink, and orange for the decor and Tiki torches to light the way. Have rum punch for toasting and a Caribbean barbecue with jerk chicken, rice, and plantains. Add a Reggae band for dancing. Nothing left to do, but enjoy the fun of it all.


    An Indian Wedding  Henna applied to the bride's hands is an Indian tradition and a wonderful way to honor family. It's the starting point for the design of this wedding cake and for what will be a very colorful wedding.

    Step Back in Time
     The elegant and historic Naval Post-Graduate School in Monterey is the reception site. The cake, with its golden flourishes and flowers, and the dashing roadster for transporting the bride and groom, play a part in evoking another era all together.